Healthcare Powers

Who do you want and trust to manage your personal and healthcare decisions if you become ill and can no longer make those decisions?

Your attorney-in-fact, who is the person that you appointed using a durable power of attorney, can only manage your finances.  A healthcare proxy (in Massachusetts) or power of attorney for healthcare (in Rhode Island) is a legal document in which you name someone you trust to make your medical decisions for you if you can no longer make them for yourself.  If you do not have a healthcare proxy or power of attorney for healthcare, and you become incapacitated, a judge will have to decide who gets to make these decisions for you, and will have to appoint a guardian to make those decisions for you.  That person may be someone that you did not want or trust to make your healthcare decisions.

A healthcare proxy or power of attorney for healthcare is one of the essential legal documents that everyone should have.  At DLO, we partner with DocuBank, which stores your healthcare directives for easy access 24/7 in case of any emergency.  By carrying your DocuBank card in your wallet, your important health care information will always be available to your physicians and to hospital personnel.  If you want to protect yourself or a loved one, don’t delay, call us today at 508-316-3853.