Having the

As families gather together for the upcoming holidays and consider what to give each other, one invaluable gift is often overlooked.   It is a loving and open conversation about the future, in which family members discuss sensitive issues about how the family plans to face the aging, illness, and mortality of its members.

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Planning protects you from the Four "D"s

We live in a society that increasingly places us at high financial risk. The statistics are eye-opening.

Forty percent of first marriages end in divorce, as do 60 percent of second marriages. We continue to pile up enormous consumer debt, unable to repay about $22.5 billion of it. We spend about $310 billion a . . . → Read More: Planning protects you from the Four “D”s

New year, new chance to prepare your family

New Year is a hopeful time of new beginnings, when we resolve to stop procrastinating and bring more order to our chaotic lives.   Over 90% of resolutions fail because we don’t identify specific and attainable goals, and take a one-step-at-time approach to achieving them.

We all worry about not leaving our affairs in a . . . → Read More: New year, new chance to prepare your family

Protect Your Children's Nest Egg

Your retirement account – that 401(k) or IRA with the huge balance – is your vital nest egg.   You depend on it being there when your working years are done, and you may no longer have a paycheck coming in.

 Creditors Thwarted

For that reason, federal, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island law give retirement accounts . . . → Read More: Protect Your Children’s Nest Egg

Bring your will or trust in for an “oil change”

Most people (70% of us) have done no estate planning.  As scary as that statistic is, some of the 30% live with a very dangerous and false sense of security.  “I did my will years ago, so I’m golden.”  Or not.

A will or living trust is designed to work based on your life . . . → Read More: Bring your will or trust in for an “oil change”